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Services We Provide

    Mobile Sawmill
  • With 4x4 acess we can mill at your location.
  • We can mill logs to your required measurements. 
  • Larger logs e.g. 30" and over are also        possible.
  • A range of sizes in varying thicknesses and lengths are available.
  • Your milled timber can then be used for    building boats to bridges


Tree Surgery  
  • Tree surgery - domestic and  commercial

  • Section felling

  • Dead limb/branch removal

  • Crown pruning

  • Windblow

  • Tracked chipper also                  available

















   Tracked Chipper
  • A mobile machine available for use alongside tree surgery
  • This machine specifically processes branches into small wood chips
  • An efficient way of using what would otherwise be waste
  • Chips can then be re-used on paths and for mulching


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